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Another Set of Eyes


Interpretation of Serge’s photo Interpretation of Serge’s photo Interpretation of Serge’s photo
Serge’s photo Serge’s photo Serge’s photo

Illustrations by Amitai Plasse & Photographs by Serge Levy

Ami Plasse met Serge Levy in 1985 at the middle school they were attending on the Upper West Side. Ami always liked to doodle, eventually becoming an illustrator, art director, and animator, while Serge liked to take pictures. He is now a photojournalist whose work is featured in galleries and museums around the world.

They both capture the characters and moments they encounter in their everyday lives, especially in their native territory of New York City. In this ongoing project, they are exploring the way the same instance can be viewed from different perspectives or mediums.

You can see more of Ami’s work at and his daily drawings from the subway system at To view more of Serge’s personal journal and street photograph work, visit his site at