Camera Sunshine Repository

by Nick Calvero

As you walk down the street in major cities, your fleeting image is likely to be caught on dozens of cameras in a single day. There are parts of downtown Manhattan where the panotpicon verges on the absurd, including a corridor near St. Andrew's Church with at least 20 cameras pointing at every nook and crevice on an exceedingly uneventful block.

To question these cameras is impossible in an era of terrorism and "hidden threats," so why not join the bandwagon. I propose a central repository for the footage from all cameras funded by federal, state, and municipal governments. Since it is paid for by taxpayer money, citizens should have access to it.

This way a person could, for example, create a montage of their day by splicing together shots of their walk to work, a long wait in an elevator, and meetings in parks. Parents could keep an eye on their children and jealous lovers could spy on their significant others.

It would have a healthy civic use as well. Citizen journalists would be given another tool to uncover shady activity, reduce crime, and track politicians as they move about and make deals. Imagine being able to watch who enters City Hall at any moment, all the time. Elected officials might start behaving like someone is watching them...

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Camera Sunshine Repository


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