The New York Moon is an internet-based publication adhered to the lunar phases of the real waxing, waning moon. It is collection of experimental, reflective, and imaginative projects that unfold in any medium. The Moon culminates in an "illumination" with each month's full moon. The Moon will also take physical form in various ways - one month it may be wheat pasted on a wall and the next it may appear as a prospectus left carelessly on a subway seat. At the beginning of the cycle Moon editors and contributors get together and talk about what projects they propose for the next edition. The month is spent working on the projects and tweaking concepts. After publication, a project doesn't end. There is always the potential for someone to send something to be included on a past project's page. The Moon is in flux and these rules may be scrapped in the future.

24-hour voicemail: (718) 475-6134

In this issue:


THE Philosophy of Navigation

New Black Towers: A history in 10 chapters

Where Has It Gone?


Free Lunch

Reactive Monument


The Banality of Disbelief

4D Document

Investigating time and space

Previous Editions

July 2007

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